Silver is best maintained by wearing it as often as possible. The oils on your skin actually help maintain the shiny integrity of the silver. Water, oxygen, and sulfur will all cause your silver to tarnish a bit quicker, so avoid showering and cleaning with your beautiful jewelry on.

Silver is best cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. You can gently rub your jewelry piece with the cloth to remove tarnish.

Store your silver pieces individually in an airtight container or bag when not wearing.


Gold Vermeil or gold plated jewelry are best maintained when kept away from harsh chemicals like perfumes and chemical dense cleaning products. If your piece gets wet, immediately pat dry with a soft dry cloth. Place your gold vermeil pieces on your body as your last step before going out. Also, take off any vermeil pieces before going to bed to avoid any constant friction that may affect the metal.

Gold vermeil pieces are best cleaned with a lint-free cloth dipped in lukewarm water mixed with a bit of soft liquid soap (avoid any harsh chemical soaps) and gently wiping clean. Pat dry immediately after cleaning with lukewarm water.

Store your vermeil pieces individually wrapped in a soft cloth inside of a jewelry box or container when not wearing.