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currently based in Los Angeles, Jack is a queer (he/him/they/them) artist who grew up in a conservative religious home that he found limiting to his creativity and queer identity. Inspired by film and fashion, Jack decided to go to university for fashion merchandising. With a blurry vision in mind but a fire inside to explore life out west, he left university and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of exploring the arts.
Jack began working with luxury retailers and local fashion designers, which sparked his passion for design (particularly with jewelry). With the goal of immersing himself in design, he began taking classes in graphic design and jewelry making. Always keeping a sketchbook in hand, he sketched his first jewelry collection in February of 2019. Working out of his studio in Silver Lake with various waxes and metals, he began to bring these sketches to life. Two years later, Jack is humbled to invite you to experience his second collection “Resilient”.



We are always working towards better ways to be more earth-conscious, by being as mindful as we can with our values and materials used towards our craft.

All of our jewelry is made with recycled, responsibly sourced sterling silver by local artisans.

Most of our pieces are made to order, so that we can lower the amount of production waste.